Netball Umpiring

Netball umpiring offers a great opportunity to make a bit of money whilst having fun and keeping fit.

Umpiring Opportunities

We’ll keep this page updated with the latest netball umpiring opportunities in and around London. Netball umpiring is a great option whether you are trying to up your hours, get a bit more experience or just make some money.

  • Go Mammoth Netball Umpiring - GO Mammoth have many leagues all around London, and are constantly on the lookout for umpires (both qualified and unqualified), they offer casual umpiring opportunities with very competitive rates.

Umpiring Qualifications

There are various levels of assessment you need to pass before you become qualified, and there are several tiers that govern what standard of netball you are eligible to umpire. The pathways are visually demonstrated on the image below. The colour band on the left hand chart reflects the standard of umpiring you can reach on the right hand chart.

Umpiring Pathways

This website lists a basic netball umpiring course that you can apply for – beginner’s umpiring course.

Netball Rules

The International Netball Federation (INF) has a full rulebook freely available to download on their website. Additionally, if you are just starting out umpiring and need to brush up on the rules, here is a pdf beginner’s guide which will get you back up to speed – PDF.

Who Is Suited To Umpiring?

Anyone with a passion for netball!

Umpiring requires a level of professionalism and maturity, as the umpire makes all the important on-court decisions. A confident personality and a cool head are also desirable, as some situations can get heated and require you to be firm and decisive.

One of the important aspects of netball umpiring is to be friendly and approachable, whilst respect should be mutual between players and umpires, you can quickly earn this respect by being firm, fair and friendly. This attitude also helps to make it an enjoyable experience for all.

Whilst anyone can learn how to umpire, it makes sense to have a decent level of experience of actually playing the game. This experience helps you empathise with the players and understand how to communicate with them more effectively.

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