Hornets Netball Club – London

With the success of the London 2012 Olympics, many people are now looking to find ways to get active, and many are discovering the joys of netball. Hornets Netball Club is based just outside London in West Kent, and is an organisation dedicated to helping women wishing to play netball in London to get involved. For fifteen years, Hornets has been running and they now have 4 teams playing in the North-West Kent leagues.

In addition to the senior teams Hornets also run a junior section with over 40 girls competing in various teams and at various levels. The club caters for all levels and abilities, and in addition to regular matches they also arrange weekly training sessions to most junior levels and seniors.

Hornets Netball Club was first established back in 1999 by two friends, both of whom are still active members of the club today – they have a passion for netball and it was their mission to share their desire to play regular netball with others. After getting a team together, the squad rapidly grew and allowed the club to further expand and enter several teams each season.

The club also aims to help develop all its members, both in playing terms and umpiring terms. Older players are encouraged to give back to the club by taking awards in coaching or umpiring, and helping out in training for the younger squads. Some members also help by getting involved in the running or administration of the club. It is this ‘community’ aspect which really makes Hornets a great team to play for.

So, if you are thinking of playing netball in London, to improve your fitness and perhaps make new friends, check out what Hornets Netball Club has to offer, and you could soon be happily playing netball.

More information can be found on the website www.hornetsnetballclub.co.uk

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