Croydon Netball League – Netball Leagues in London

Netball is a fast and exciting sport, which is not only great fun for players but promotes health and fitness, too. Netball in London is a growing scene, and provides games in an expanding league for players of all abilities and from all walks of life. Each 7-a-side team either comprised of all females, or is a mixed team comprised of both men and women. In mixed teams, a minimum of one and a maximum of three male players may be on the court at any given time.Founded in 1979, Croydon Netball League has the aim to make team sports accessible to all. They have over 55 teams taking part, and run Summer, Winter and Spring leagues.

The league welcomes players of all abilities, and allows opportunities to play at the highest standard. All matches at held at Shirley High School in Croydon and match day is on Saturday.

Croydon Netball League pride themselves on having lots of qualified umpires available and also put on umpiring courses for any players interested in starting umpiring or building up their levels.

The club also runs junior leagues and actively encourages juniors to get into netball. In addition to matches and training, Croydon Netball League has also built up an extensive community element, and they regularly put on events such as dances and balls, they also show their support for charities such as Breast Cancer Awareness and hold an annual general meeting.

There has never been a better time to start playing netball in London, so contact  to join one of their leagues if you are in the Croydon area. You’re bound to have a great time and meet some new people, whether you’re a seasoned pro, or a brand new player.

Visit to get more details.

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