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  1. Are you looking to get back into Netball?
  2. Thinking of putting a work netball team together?
  3. Already playing netball in London but looking for a better or more challenging league?
  4. Looking to join as an individual and meet other players or already have a team ready to go?
If the answer is “YES” to any of the above.. then you’re are the right place!

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Want to play netball? Live in London or the surrounding area? The London Netball association is here to help you find a great game of netball in London near to you. Whether you play netball at an extremely competitive level or are looking for a social game, Netball London is a great place to start your search. If you’ve just moved to London and are looking for a game near to your home or work we can help you identify games, leagues and teams nearby.

London’s friendliest leagues is what we endorse. Professional umpiring and slick operations catering for the right degree of competitiveness based upon the level of the players in the league.

Get playing today….

There’s never been a better time to start playing netball in London. Participation in the sport is the highest its been in years and we’re seeing more young players enter the game and more old players returning to the court this year than ever before. That’s great for London netball players like you because it means there will be more facilities and more competitive netball competitions for you to enter, wherever you live in London.

What is Social Netball?

  • Social netball is really popular and fun alternative to joining a netball club
  • It involves playing in a recreational netball league for usually 8-12 weeks.
  • You can either enter a league usually as a full team OR you can enter as an individual (and you’ll be added to another team of similar individual players).
  • The league provider (e.g. GO Mammoth) will provide all equipment, venue hire, umpires, online fixtures/team management, prizes for league winners etc – all you have to do is turn up ONCE PER WEEK TO PLAY YOU 40MIN MATCH AGAINST ANOTHER TEAM IN THE LEAGUE
  • Social netball has seen a huge surge in popularity largely because people want to play netball but don’t necessarily want all the commitment and seriousness (and politics!) which are usually involved in joining a netball club in London. You literally just rock up every week, meet your team-mates, play some fun netball (hopefully win!), and go for a refreshing drink after the game if you’re feeling thirsty!

What level of player are you?

  1. Social/Beginner – this level of play is aimed specifically for players that are a bit rusty (e.g. who maybe played at school or at uni) and are looking to get back into playing netball. It may also include complete beginners to the sport. There are often a wide spectrum of players within this category, so DO NOT BE WORRIED about not being good enough.. this is exactly what social netball is about! It’s not all about the “winning” but a lot more about just “having fun” through playing team sport. The umpires will coach you informally as you play your matches, and you can also attend seperate skills clinics if you wish to brush up between matches.
  2. Intermediate or Competitive – this is for serious teams which have played quite a bit of netball. Usually they have been playing for atleast a year at the “social” level, and are looking to push themselves a bit more as they’re winning all their matches! You’ll know when this is you, as you’ll often be crowned “league champs”

About Netball London

We setup the Netball London website to showcase the best of Netball leagues in London. If you run a netball league in the capital which you’d like us to list on the Netball London website please email the details to We hope you find Netball London useful and would love to hear any feedback on the site. #netball #london #playnetball